Andy McKay

Andy McKay researches on development economics, especially in relation to poverty/inequality and how these are impacted by policy (trade, fiscal etc.); on labour issues including female employment and informality; on inclusive growth; on agriculture; and on international trade.  In terms of genographic focus, he work predominantly on Africa, especially East and West Africa, and Vietnam.

Content by Andy McKay
  • Publication - Project Memo

    Uganda's poverty dynamics (Project Memo)

    21 Feb 2016 | Andy McKay, Marguerite Duponchel, Sarah Ssewanyana

  • Project

    The Dynamics of Poverty in Uganda

    Poverty line data is a key development indicator that can inform government policy IGC researchers analysed a household panel survey to measure poverty dynamics The researchers suggested a review of the poverty line, which is over two decades old The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development decided to redefine the current poverty line...

    21 Feb 2016 | Andy McKay