Ankit Chatri

Ankit Chatri is the associate director of Athena Infonomics. His key research areas include public private partnerships and urban infrastructure with a focus on solid waste management. Ankit has served as a teaching assistant at IIT Bombay and co-authored ‘Public Private Partnerships in Urban Water Supply and Municipal Solid Waste Management: Potential and Strategies’.

Content by Ankit Chatri
  • Blog post

    Towards sustainable water provision in Mandalay

    The Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) is currently making a major loss in running its water system, with a deficit exceeding 50% of their operation and maintenance costs. This is without accounting for the need to expand and upgrade the system, much of which still stems from colonial times. How can policymakers ensure a sustainable future for piped-water supply in...

    19 Feb 2020 | Tanvi Nagpal, Ankit Chatri

  • Project

    Understanding demand and funding for water supply in Mandalay City

    The Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) - the governing body of municipal Mandalay, Myanmar - faces significant problems surrounding their water services. Currently, piped water reaches only a fraction of the population, there is little water and sewage treatment capacity, and MCDC faces exorbitant financial losses (over K3700 mil, 2016-17). MCDC has been working...

    11 Dec 2019 | Tanvi Nagpal, Ankit Chatri

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Understanding demand and funding for piped-water supply in Mandalay City

    18 Sep 2019 | Mael Balac, Ankit Chatri, Tanvi Nagpal, Henry Rawlings