Arka Roy Chaudhuri

Arka Roy Chaudhuri is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Shiv Nadar University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia. His research fields are development economics, economics of education, political economy, and labour economics. He has worked on the efficacy of affirmative action policies, evolution of inter-group differences, and the long-term consequences of colonialism. His present research focusses on political economy issues such as public good provision and topics in education economics such as gender differences in STEM take-up and classroom peer effects.

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    Social identity, taste bias and under provisioning of public goods

    Data shows that public good provision in India decreases with an increase in caste-based fractionalisation. While past research (Banerjee and Somanathan, 2007) documents this association, the causal interpretation and the deeper mechanisms driving the result is an open question. This project aims to plug this gap by identifying the precise causal connection between caste...

    10 Jul 2020 | Ritwik Banerjee, Anujit Chakraborty, Ashokankur Datta, Arka Roy Chaudhuri