Arthur Blouin

Arthur Blouin is an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on why the economies of some communities, ethnic groups, or countries have not developed at the same rate as others. He is particularly interested in how culture and social relationships can impact the development process.

Blouin is currently researching the nature of economic and social relationships between the Hutu and Tutsi in post-genocide Rwanda, the impact of relationship building in the coffee sector, and the importance of cultural isolation in the adoption of agricultural technologies.


Content by Arthur Blouin
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Improving coffee farmer welfare with innovative credit solutions in developing countries

    Most poor people in developing countries work in agriculture. Many sell to cooperatives and agro-processing enterprises. Improving these firms’ access to credit has the potential to unlock demand and raise farmers’ incomes. Providing sustainable access to working capital loans in agricultural chains has proven difficult due to poor contract enforcement,...

    11 Oct 2019 | Arthur Blouin, Rocco Macchiavello

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Strategic default in the international coffee market

    18 Aug 2017 | Arthur Blouin, Rocco Macchiavello

  • Project

    A comparative analysis of the coffee value chain

    The vast majority of the world’s poor are employed in agriculture (see, e.g., World Bank (2008)). Promoting exports of agricultural products and linking farmers to global markets, therefore, has the potential to reduce poverty. At the same time, it is argued by many that market imperfections along agricultural value chains and unfair conditions in global market prevent...

    2 Oct 2015 | Arthur Blouin, Rocco Macchiavello, Pepita Miquel Florensa, Ameet Morjaria