Asha Sundaram

Asha Sundaram is a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Department of Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Auckland, on leave for the year 2016 from The School of Economics, faculty of Commerce, University of Cape Town.

She has an M.Phil in Economics from the University of Oxford and a PhD in Economics from Syracuse University.

Her research interests are in the fields of international trade and development economics. Topics she works on include trade liberalisation effects and their interaction with domestic institutions, trade and firm behaviour, buyer-seller matches in international trade, immigration, and micro enterprises and the informal sector.

Content by Asha Sundaram
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Trade liberalisation, infrastructure, and firm performance

    Starting in 1997, Ethiopia implemented large investments in infrastructure with the road sector development programme. This followed a wave of trade reforms aimed at reducing tariff barriers that occurred between 1996 and 2003. This brief analyses the complementarities between trade and infrastructure reforms, asking whether improvements in the quality of roads...

    28 Aug 2018 | Marco Sanfilippo, Asha Sundaram, Fitsum Zewdu Mulugeta

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Input tariffs, roads, and firm performance: Evidence from Ethiopia

    26 Jun 2018 | Marco Sanfilippo, Asha Sundaram

  • Blog post

    Trade liberalisation in developing countries: The importance of roads

    Research on Ethiopia shows that trade liberalisation can boost the productivity of firms in developing countries, but only if they have access to good roads. Gains from trade liberalisation are not uniform within countries Many developing countries have liberalised trade in the hope that greater international exposure will improve the performance of local firms.  Lower...

    13 Apr 2018 | Marco Sanfilippo, Asha Sundaram

  • Project

    Trade liberalisation, infrastructure and firm performance: Evidence from Ethiopia

    This project seeks to analyse the role of improvements in infrastructure on the transmission of trade liberalisation effects to domestic firms.  While the literature has highlighted trade liberalisation and infrastructure development as effective strategies for economic growth and development, not much is known about the complementarity between the two in generating growth...

    23 Aug 2016 | Fitsum Zewdu Mulugeta, Marco Sanfilippo, Asha Sundaram