Barbara Cardona

Barbara Cardona is a senior at Stanford University pursuing a BS in Management Science and Engineering with a concentration in Organisations, Technology and Policy. She’s also studied at the University of Oxford, focusing on comparative international education policy. As part of the Seed Program at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Barbara completed consulting projects in Sierra Leone with Warc Africa.

Content by Barbara Cardona
  • Publication - Project Report

    Scoping study: Using network theory to promote adoption of new agricultural technologies in Sierra Leone

    This report overviews the key findings from a feasibility study conducted in Sierra Leone that tested one such proposed bundled intervention. Specifically, the bundled intervention that this report seeks to validate consists of three main activities: (i) rural electrification, (ii) access to productive farming technology, and (iii) extension services and improved market access.

    30 Mar 2021 | Kurtis Lockhart, Barbara Cardona, Anthea Piong