Bart Minten

Bart Minten, a Belgian citizen, joined IFPRI as a senior research fellow in December 2006 and works with the Development Strategy and Governance Division. He is out-posted in Addis Ababa since June 2011 and is the program leader of the Ethiopia Strategy Support Program, a multi-donor financed five-year program that focuses on research, capacity building, and outreach and communication of research related to food and agricultural issues in Ethiopia. Before moving to Addis Ababa, he worked in the New Delhi Office where his work focused on the effects of changes in agricultural value chains on the structure of food systems in South Asia. Prior to joining IFPRI, he was a senior research associate for the Cornell Food and Nutrition Policy Program in Madagascar.

He also has held the position of assistant professor at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Economics, KU Leuven, as well as teaching positions at Cornell University and the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. Bart received his PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Cornell University.

Content by Bart Minten
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    Climate information services to enhance agricultural resilience: Evidence from Ethiopia

    Access to climate information services can improve agricultural productivity and farmers' resilience in Ethiopia. Panel data estimates reveal access to existing weather and climate services boosts maize and wheat productivity by about 27% and 17%, respectively, comparable to or higher than the conventional yield-increasing production technologies such as fertiliser and...

    9 Jun 2022 | Seneshaw Tamru, Bart Minten, Bethelhem Koru Aga

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    The gender imbalances in Ethiopia’s dairy value chains

    Traditional gender roles that often inhibit women’s agency and access to resources also have the ability to affect their roles in employment. We study the gendered division of labour in dairy value chains in Ethiopia to examine the activities that women are involved in and how involvement differs across farms. Our results show that as dairy farms increase in size and gain...

    24 Mar 2022 | Bart Minten, Seneshaw Tamru

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    Impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on vegetable value chains in Ethiopia

    Measures to contain COVID-19 are expected to have significant effects on food value chains—but with important differences between commodities. Horticultural products are expected to be especially vulnerable because of their seasonal labour requirements and high perishability. In a recent survey, Seneshaw Tamru, Kalle Hirvonen, and Bart Minten tried to assess immediate...

    14 May 2020 | Seneshaw Tamru, Kalle Kalle Hirvonen, Bart Minten