Bedri Tas

Bedri Tas is a Professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence Engineering at TOBB ETÜ. His current work focused on machine learning applications in finance and economics.

Content by Bedri Tas
  • Publication - Project Report, Working Paper

    Bolstering SME participation in public procurement: Policy options for Lebanon

    The government of Lebanon is working on a new public procurement law and implementing regulations to unify and modernize public sector procurement. Based on a review of the literature and analysis using available data on procurement policy, this report explores options to enhance participation by SMEs in public procurement. Six areas for actions are suggested for...

    3 Jan 2020 | Bernard Hoekman, Moussa Saab, Bedri Tas

  • Project

    SMEs involvement in public procurement

    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a huge potential for job creation, growth and innovation. The strong involvement of SMEs in public procurement allows unlocking this potential for the economy. It also allows contracting authorities to considerably broaden their potential supplier base, therefore enhancing competition on public contracts and counterbalancing...

    17 Dec 2019 | Bernard Hoekman, Bedri Tas