Britta Augsburg

Britta Augsburg is Associate Director at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Her research concentrates on understanding the effectiveness of programmes and policies that tackle constraints to productivity of poverty affected individuals and households, with a particular focus on credit and technology adoption constraints.

She has worked on a number of studies related to microfinance and particularly the effectiveness of this financial tool in achieving improved outcomes for the intended beneficiaries. Analysing the effectiveness of microfinance in inducing uptake of sanitation technology (basically toilets) has focused a significant amount of her research towards the field of sanitation, researching constraints to uptake both on the demand and the supply side, as well as understanding the complementarity of sanitation and other investments in producing positive (child) outcomes.

Twitter: @AugsburgBritta

Content by Britta Augsburg
  • Blog post

    COVID-19 and the willingness to vaccinate: Evidence from India

    Vaccination is one of the success stories in modern day medicine and seen by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a key element of the response to the current pandemic. While billions are poured into a vaccine’s development and tackling supply difficulties, policymakers should prepare for the next challenges: compliance and ability to pay. One of the most, if not the...

    5 Aug 2020 | Alex Armand, Britta Augsburg, Antonella Bancalari

  • Project

    Coping with COVID-19 measures in informal settlements

    One of the most, if not the most, at-risk groups of COVID-19 is thought to be the urban poor, living in overcrowded conditions with very limited access to public (health) infrastructure. One billion people live in such informal settlements, more than half of these in Asia, almost a fifth in India. Their ability to follow governments’ and scientists’ advise on...

    21 Jul 2020 | Britta Augsburg, Alex Armand, Antonella Bancalari

  • Blog post

    No toilet, no bride: The unlikely link between private toilets and marriage market outcomes in India

    For World Toilet Day, we take a look back through our archives at an innovative campaign to end open-defecation that is making waves in the Indian State of Haryana. Toilets represent an unlikely status symbol for households, and new findings suggest that household’s may see toilets acquisition as a means of improving the marriage prospects of their sons. This post...

    30 Sep 2015 | Britta Augsburg, Paul Rodríguez Lesmes

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Livestock asset transfers with and without training: Evidence from Rwanda (Working Paper)

    1 Jul 2013 | Jonathan Argent, Britta Augsburg, Imran Rasul