Chandan Jha

Chandan Kumar Jha is Assistant Professor of Finance at Le Moyne College and a contributor for ‘Ideas for India’.

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    Do women in power have an impact on corruption?

    Whether women are inherently less corrupt than men remains open to debate, but studies suggest that women in positions of power can reduce corruption. Several studies in social and behavioural sciences have found that women behave differently than men in many walks of life. For instance, research in psychology reports substantial gender differences in moral and helping...

    21 Jan 2015 | Chandan Jha, Sudipta Sarangi

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    Can social media and the internet reduce corruption?

    India has been mired in corruption for decades. The extensive use of social media has been arguably the single biggest factor in the success of the country’s anti-corruption movement in recent years In August 2010, a non-profit organisation called Janaagraha launched a website where people are encouraged to share their encounters with corrupt...

    21 Oct 2014 | Chandan Jha