Christian Knebel

Christian Knebel is an economist in the Trade Analysis Branch at UNCTAD since 2012. He specialises in research regarding trade policy, particularly non-tariff measures (NTMs). In technical cooperation projects he supports “deep” integration efforts in several regional trade agreements. Previously, he worked at the Market Analysis and Research section of the International Trade Centre (ITC). He authored reports about obstacles to trade faced by companies in Malawi, Peru, Sri Lanka, Paraguay and Uruguay, and assisted their governments in addressing such barriers.

He holds Masters in International Economics from University of Tübingen, Germany, and also studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his Masters thesis he estimated the effects of non-tariff measures on consumer prices.

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    Direct and indirect linkages between Non-Tariff Measures and the SDGs

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    23 Sep 2015 | Christian Knebel, Ralf Peters