Emanuele Bompan

Emanuele Bompan is a journalist and communicator with an international experience. Reports on energy, climate change, environment, US Politics. He has published the book “Che cosa è l’economia circolare” (Ed. Ambiente), about the rise of circular economy.

Has been awarded with the Middlebury Environmental Journalism Fellowship and four times The Innovation in Development Reporting Grant. In 2015 has been awarded with “Reporter per la Terra” 1st prize. In 2016 he got the DNI Google award with La Stampa. Has interviewed prime ministers, industry leaders, environmental gurus, intellectuals, all around the world.

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    Water and power: Mega-dams, mega-damage?

    ‘Water grabbing’ refers to a situation in which public or private entities are able to take control of, or reallocate, precious water resources for profit or for power — and at the expense of local communities and the ecosystems on which their livelihoods are based. The effects have been well-documented: examples include families driven away from their villages...

    5 Oct 2017 | Emanuele Bompan, Marirosa Iannelli, Riccardo Pravettoni, Federica Fragapane