Eoin F. McGuirk

Dr Eoin F. McGuirk is Postdoctoral Associate in the Dept. of Economics & Economic Growth Center, Yale University.

He studies topics at the intersection of development and political economics, with a primary regional focus on Africa.

His current projects exploit natural experiments to identify causes of violent conflict and ethnic divisions. These form part of a broader agenda on the foundations of state capacity.

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    Food fights: Food prices and civil conflict in Africa

    Over one million people have died from direct exposure to civil conflict in Africa since the end of the Cold War alone. What causal role do economic factors play in this tragedy? We study the effect of world food prices on violence across the continent, finding that the impact depends on both the type of conflict and whether a region mainly produces or consumes food. The...

    14 Feb 2017 | Marshall Burke, Eoin F. McGuirk