Ernesto Dal Bó

Ernesto Dal Bó is a Political Economist interested in governance broadly understood. His research focuses on a range of topics including political influence, social conflict, corruption, morality and social norms, state formation, the development of state capabilities, and the qualities and behaviour of politicians and public servants.

Content by Ernesto Dal Bó
  • Project

    Teacher rotation and student outcomes: Experimental evidence from Uganda

    On a given day, 27% of Ugandan teachers do not attend class (Chaudhury et al, 2006). Even when teachers in Uganda and other developing countries come to school, they do not necessarily teach, and students do not necessarily learn. Only three out of ten students can read and comprehend a simple story by grade three, and only eight out of ten can do so by grade seven...

    3 Jan 2020 | Kizito Omala, Frederico Finan, Ernesto Dal Bó, David Schönholzer, Isabelle Cohen

  • Project

    Monitoring Public Employees in Paraguay: Can Technology Adoption by the Government Improve Agricultural Extension Services for Poor Farmers?

    Because pay-for-performance is often impractical in state organizations, a potential way to increase state effectiveness with a given workforce is to rely on better monitoring technology to induce higher employee effort. The general objective of our project is to provide evidence on that idea in the context of a program of technology adoption in agricultural extension...

    19 Jan 2015 | Laura Schechter , Ernesto Dal Bó, Frederico Finan