Erum Haider

Erum Haider is a PhD Candidate at Georgetown University, Department of Government. Her dissertation examines the privatisation of public goods, particularly electricity, in large developing megacities. She examines the effect of privatization on attitudes towards redistribution and welfare, on which she has implemented a survey experiment in Karachi, Pakistan in July 2018. She also works on survey methods and survey experiments, and is co-authoring a paper on so-called “observer effects” in face-to-face interviews in India.

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  • Project

    Electricity and public goods provision in Karachi, Pakistan

    In large parts of the developing world where democracy and democratic institutions such as legislature, courts and civil society are weakly institutionalised, the provision of public goods to the most disenfranchised members of society falls through the cracks. This project focuses on the privatisation of electricity, a public good that at the turn of the millennia is...

    16 Aug 2019 | Erum Haider

  • Blog post

    Don’t shoot the messenger – electricity theft and trust in Karachi, Pakistan

    We assume that more information makes markets work better. Information can provide individuals incentives to act better. However, in some situations, information on poor behaviour can lead to mistrust, not just of other people, but of the institution that delivers the message. The Karachi setting Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city and industrial hub, home to 16.6...

    7 May 2019 | Erum Haider