Felix Masiye

Felix Masiye, PhD, MSc, is the Head of the Department of Economics at the University of Zambia and an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). Dr. Masiye has extensive knowledge of health systems in sub-Saharan Africa and sits on technical committees in health care financing and monitoring and evaluation at the Ministry of Health in Zambia. Dr. Masiye was also appointed by the UNAIDS Director General to sit on the Economics Reference Group (ERG). For more details see his bio.

Content by Felix Masiye
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Staving off the hungry season in Zambia: Testing a simple and cost-effective approach

    Multiple countries in sub-Saharan African experience seasonal extreme food insecurity, a phenomenon in some cases referred to as the “hungry season.” In Zambia, the context of this project, recent studies suggest that between 60-80% of rural households run out of food before the annual harvest. Seasonal food insecurity has serious impacts on health and wellbeing....

    16 Jan 2020 | Kelsey Jack, Supreet Kaur, Ned Augenblick, Nicholas Swanson, Felix Masiye

  • Project

    Relaxing seasonal constraints to improve labour productivity: Scaling-up with a private sector partner (country wide project)

    In Zambia, small-scale agriculture employs the vast majority of the rural population, despite low levels of productivity and farming income. Most small-scale farms run out of food and cash four to five months after the harvest. Consequently, farmers engage in costly strategies to finance consumption until the next harvest, most commonly selling family labour off-farm in the...

    9 Dec 2019 | Kelsey Jack, Gunther Fink, Felix Masiye

  • Project

    Understanding consumption seasonality in Zambia

    Consumption seasonality is prevalent across many poor countries, particularly those with large agricultural sectors. Farmers in these countries typically have abundant food after harvest, but struggle to make it last to the next harvest, resulting in three major implications: Reduction in the number of meals consumed and caloric intake at certain times of the year; ...

    10 Oct 2019 | Kelsey Jack, Supreet Kaur, Nicholas Swanson, Felix Masiye, Ned Augenblick

  • Project

    Food constraints, yield uncertainty and "Ganyu" labour: A pilot investigation

    Small-scale farming remains the most common livelihood strategy and primary source of income in rural Zambia. Limited access to credit and insurance mechanisms leave farmers vulnerable to varying weather and environmental conditions. These yield risks can severely limit farmer’s ability to purchase farming inputs for subsequent seasons and to cover basic food needs for...

    4 Sep 2014 | Kelsey Jack, Gunther Fink, Felix Masiye

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Food Constraints, Yield Uncertainty and “Ganyu” Labour: A Pilot Investigation (Policy Brief)

    1 Feb 2013 | Gunther Fink, Kelsey Jack, Felix Masiye