Filippo Sebastio

Filippo holds an MSc in International Trade Finance and Development from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics as well as a MSc in Development Studies from the Universita’ degli Studi di Bologna. Before joining the IGC, Filippo worked at Innovation for Poverty Action on a research project on the readymade garment sector in Bangladesh, did consulting work on a microfinance project in Mali and participated to research projects on agricultural economics and political economy with local research institutions in Italy. His research interests are in political economy, economic history, public policies as well as broader development economics.  

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    Data-Jam: Could data reduce road congestion in Dhaka?

    Agglomeration effects and productivity gains are among the most desired of urbanisation outcomes. The less desirable outcomes, lagging infrastructure, elevated crime rates, and greater congestion require more evidence to understand what does and does not work to be effectively addressed. This blog examines the challenges of congestion and traffic in Dhaka, and...

    26 Jan 2016 | Filippo Sebastio

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    Female empowerment in the Bangladeshi garment industry

    A slew of industrial accidents have cast the Bangladeshi garment industry in a negative light. Whilst it is the responsibility of government, factory owners and international brands to do everything in their power to guarantee decent and safe working conditions within the factories, more actions can be taken

    18 Nov 2014 | Filippo Sebastio