Gianmarco León

Gianmarco León is Assistant Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. His research focuses on political economics in developing countries and more broadly on development economics. Current research projects includes studying voter’s behavior in Peru, examining how voters react to different monetary (dis-)incentives to vote and how social networks influence voting decisions. Some of his previous research focuses on understanding the persistence of civil conflict on human capital accumulation and measuring the Value of Statistical Life in Sierra Leone.

Prof. León is a member of the American Economic Association and the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association.

Content by Gianmarco León
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Financial incentive schemes in public health: Evidence from Sierra Leone

    This brief explores findings from a field study of a community health programme in Sierra Leone seeking to understand how financial incentives can impact public service and public health outcomes.  Sharing incentives equally between Community Health Workers (CHW) and their supervisors generates an increase in household health visits that is 61% larger than the...

    30 Nov 2021 | Erika Deserranno, Stefano Caria, Philipp Kastrau, Gianmarco León, Julia Liborio

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Motivating bureaucrats: Group incentives and organisational performance in local governments

    4 Jun 2018 | Matteo Bobba, Gianmarco León, Leonard Wantchekon

  • Project

    Motivating bureaucrats: Group incentives and organisational performance of local governments

    One key challenge in the decentralisation of the public sector is to be able to manage a large number of bureaucrats, who are the ones who are ultimately in charge of executing public works and delivering public goods. Not only is there a relative scarcity of qualified potential employees, but also employment in the public sector has been commonly used as a patronage tool,...

    7 Apr 2016 | Leonard Wantchekon, Gianmarco León, Matteo Bobba, Damasse Eric Sossou

  • Project

    Pilot program on decentralization in Sierra Leone

    Local councils were reintroduced into Sierra Leone in 2004 and were given the responsibility for local development and supervision of local public services. There is considerable debate in Sierra Leone and other countries about the extent to which development funds should be decentralized to councils as well as what role, if any, Members of Parliament should take in...

    29 Oct 2014 | Katherine E. Casey, Rachel Glennerster, Ambrose James, Gianmarco León