Girija Borker

Girija Borker is an Economist in the Impact Evaluation unit of the Development Research Group at the World Bank. She is a development economist working primarily on gender, violence, education, and transport in urban areas. Her ongoing projects study the economic consequences of sexual harassment in public spaces and assess the effectiveness of potential solutions on women’s physical and economic mobility such as police patrolling, a reliable response system and access to subsidized public transit. Her work has been featured by Quartz, The Hindustan Times, Le Monde, VoxDev, BBC Radio, and The New Statesman. Girija obtained her PhD in Economics from Brown University in 2017.

Content by Girija Borker
  • Project

    Safety in numbers? Free public transportation for women and women’s safety

    Delhi exhibits low female mobility rates, at the same time, public transport is a hostile environment for women due to widespread sexual harassment. About 89% of female university students in Delhi reported experiencing sexual harassment while travelling in the city. To improve mobility and indirectly improve safety, the Delhi government announced a policy to make bus...

    12 Nov 2020 | Dev Patel, Girija Borker, Gabriel Kreindler

  • Project

    Gender-based violence and police reform: Evaluating a gender-based violence and sensitisation training programme

    The project aims to study the role of policing quality in addressing gender-based violence (GBV). The goal is to assess and showcase the efficacy of a novel policing intervention programme in the Indian state of Bihar, which aims to shape police attitudes towards gender and performance towards GBV crimes. The intervention will provide GBV and gender-sensitisation training...

    12 Nov 2020 | Nathan Fiala, Girija Borker, Nishith Prakash, Sofia Amaral, Maria Sviatschi, Ranjit Mishra