Golvine de Rochambeau

Golvine de Rochambeau is a PhD candidate in the department of economics at Columbia University. Her research interests are in the fields of development, industrial organization and trade. She has several on-going projects in Liberia where she conducts fieldwork. In particular, she studies intra-national trade costs and tries to understand why they are so high in this region. Before coming to Columbia, Golvine received her MSc in Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique in France.

Content by Golvine de Rochambeau
  • Project

    Targeting consulting services to high-growth entrepreneurs

    This pilot project will examine entrepreneur selection and matching for training programs as well as the ultimate impact of matching strategies on entrepreneur outcomes. Specifically, the researchers will evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing strategies in selecting entrepreneurs that have high potential for growth and improving the effectiveness of the training...

    3 Aug 2022 | Golvine de Rochambeau, Vittorio Bassi

  • Project

    Unequal access to big contracts: Evidence from the AGPO Programme in Kenya

    Public procurements make up for roughly 12% of worldwide GDP and more in low-income countries. Evidence shows that small business growth is catalysed by demand shocks generated through public procurement. The Government of Kenya’s Access to Government Procurement Opportunities Program (AGPO) targets 30% of its procurement budget and simplifies application requirements...

    3 Aug 2022 | Golvine de Rochambeau

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Monitoring and intrinsic motivation: Evidence from Liberia’s trucking firms

    27 Jul 2018 | Golvine de Rochambeau

  • Blog post

    Five key challenges facing Liberia’s transport industry: Paving the way to market integration

    Improving transport connectivity and increasing market integration could improve competition, trade, and potential for growth in small Liberian firms. Transport costs are a key factor in determining market integration. Consequently, keeping transport costs low is critical to economic development, particularly for small firms situated in isolated local economies. In Liberia...

    29 Jun 2017 | Golvine de Rochambeau

  • Blog post

    Intra-national trade costs and economic isolation

    High intra-national trade costs prevent market integration, so reducing them can help develop local economies in remote parts of a country. Building transport infrastructure alone is insufficient. The case of Liberia demonstrates that intra-national transport costs remain significant due to high vehicle prices, vehicle repair costs, credit constraints, and...

    12 Jun 2017 | Golvine de Rochambeau, Jonas Hjort

  • Project

    The role of intra-national trade costs in market integration: Evidence from Liberia

    Understanding trade barriers is key to find efficient policies that promote growth. In West Africa, land transport prices are among the highest in the world, and many markets are still isolated. In those markets, high transport prices result in high commodity prices, and few possibilities for producers to access bigger markets, which impede growth. The goal of this project...

    19 May 2016 | Golvine de Rochambeau, Jonas Hjort