Hailu Elias

Dr Hailu Elias has obtained his PhD in Development Economics from the Collaborative
PhD program of the Jönköping University of Sweden and the Addis Ababa University in
February 2016. Currently, he is affiliated with the Department of Economics at the Addis Ababa University (AAU), serving as an Assistant Professor of Economics and Head of the Rural Development Unit of the Institute of Development and Policy Research (IDPR). He is also member of the Executive Committee of the Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA).

Content by Hailu Elias
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Artisanal and small-scale mining in Ethiopia: Scoping study for a comprehensive survey

    The mineral sector remains underdeveloped in Ethiopia. The share of this industry in GDP has been less than 1% in recent years. The sector is dominated by artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), which employs more than 1.2 million people from rural communities and urban youth. The main objective of this scoping study is to identify and isolate issues that need to...

    19 Apr 2021 | Andrew Keilli, Hailu Elias, Kebede Bekele