Harald Winkler

Harald Winkler is a professor in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment and associate of Policy Research in International Services and Manufacturing and African Climate and Development Initiative at the University of Cape Town.

His research interests are focused around climate policy, at international and national level. He led the research work underpinning South Africa’s Long-Term Mitigation Scenarios (LTMS). From 2010 to 2015, a significant focus of his work with other developing countries to share the LTMS experience in a programme called MAPS – Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (see www.mapsprogramme.org).

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  • Data Item

    Data: Health costs of energy related air pollution in South Africa

    The link between pollution and poor health and mortality has been established globally. Developing countries carry most of the burden of ill health from air pollution, and urban centres like the City of Cape Town even more so. Effective air quality management to protect human health relies on the attainment of air quality standards. This study uses the Benefits Mapping and...

    27 Feb 2019

  • Project

    Health costs of energy related air pollution in South Africa

    Energy and air pollution are becoming increasingly problematic in developing countries, and a wide range of evidence documents the associated health and productivity losses. This project aims to provide the first estimate of the health and economic burden of South Africa’s current air pollution levels. We developed a Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP)...

    19 Oct 2016 | Harald Winkler, Katye Altieri, Samantha Keen