Ijlal Naqvi

Iljal Naqvi is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Singapore Management University. His research interests include political sociology, international development, Muslim-majority countries, and electrical power.

Content by Iljal Naqvi
  • Publication - Working Paper

    Mapping the grid

    8 Apr 2016 | Sohaib Ahmad Khan, Iljal Naqvi

  • Project

    Mapping the Grid: Jumpstarting an Electricity Consumption GIS

    How can one generate a map to show the amount of electricity being consumed in each neighborhood? Such a map would be fundamental not only in understanding spatial patterns of access to electricity, but also for inferring the economic status of an area. Electricity consumption patterns can serve as a proxy for socio economic status of an area. Yet, a spatial visualization...

    10 Dec 2014 | Sohaib Ahmad Khan, Iljal Naqvi