Irfan Qureshi

Irfan Qureshi is a PhD Student at the University of Warwick’s Department of Economics. His research interests include monetary economics and macroeconomic theory.

Content by Irfan Qureshi
  • Multimedia Item - Video

    Growth Week 2016: Barriers to Growth

    World-leading researchers and policymakers (including Richard Newfarmer, Herbert M'cleod, Mohammad Qayoumi, Mbui Wagacha, Chinmaya Kumar, Eric Verhoogen, Irfan Qureshi, Ijaz Nabi, Tony Addison, Peter Biar Ajak, Nana Dwamena) outline what the major barriers to growth are in developing countries. Filmed at #GrowthWeek 2016. Produced by Econ Films.

    8 Jun 2016

  • Project

    Taxes and Informality: Evidence from a recent Pakistani Tax Reform

    Using a tax reform implemented in Pakistan in 2009, I investigate intensive and extensive margin behavioral responses to taxes. The reform creates large tax rate variations between very similar taxpayers and thus generates compelling quasi-experimental variation, which is used to identify structural parameters important for tax policy. Relying on administrative records...

    1 Sep 2012 | Mazhar Waseem, Irfan Qureshi