James Witte

James Witte is a professor of sociology, Director of the Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) and Research Director for the Institute for Immigration Research (IIR). Witte, who earned his PhD from Harvard in 1991.

Along with his work on immigration and Pakistan, Witte’s ongoing research also looks at ways to use the internet to collect social science data and on the similarities and differences between online and off-line societies.  Dr. Witte has written numerous articles that have appeared in journals such as The European Sociological Review, Population and Development Review and Sociological Methods and Research.  He has also published three books, Labor Force Integration and Marital Choice, the Internet and Social Inequality and The Normal Bar.  The Normal Bar, co-authored with Chrisanna Northrup and Pepper Schwartz, was released in 2013 and made the New York Times bestseller list.

Content by James Witte
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Peshawar’s historic walled city: Firms, mobility and public services

    Ancient cities, which were often old walled cities, exhibit peculiar spatial, social and economic forms. Their urban forms are highly path-dependent featuring narrow congested streets, and make retrofitting modern infrastructure extremely challenging. This creates unique challenges for government agencies involved in urban service delivery. This study examines data...

    4 Nov 2019 | James Witte, Ammar A Malik, Zahoor Ul Haq, Javed Iqbal

  • Publication - Project Report

    Peshawar’s historic walled city: Firms, mobility, and public services

    17 Apr 2019 | James Witte, Ammar A Malik, Zahoor Ul Haq, Javed Iqbal

  • Project

    Peshawar inner-city economic census pilot

    Due to the lack of neighborhood level economic data, policymakers in many cities plan and execute the provision of public services without taking local economic realities into full consideration. Public transit planning in such environments for instance is not based on areas of economic activity, or on the structure of local labour markets, but rather on engineering or...

    24 May 2017 | James Witte, Ammar A Malik, Zahoor Ul Haq