Jason Kerwin

Jason is a health and labor economist who uses randomized experiments to gain insights into how people in the developing world make decisions, and the implications of their decision making behavior for economic and public health policy. His completed papers include a re-evaluation of the role of risk compensation in HIV epidemics, and a study of how the temporal composition of income affects people’s ability to achieve their savings goals. In ongoing work, he is studying the effects of an early childhood literacy program on educational outcomes and on the way people make investments in education.

Content by Jason Kerwin
  • Publication - Working Paper

    Teacher effectiveness in Africa: Longitudinal and causal estimates

    9 Jan 2019 | Julie Buhl-Wiggers, Jason Kerwin, Jeffrey Smith, Rebecca Thornton

  • Project

    Literacy laboratory project

    The development of literacy is critical for pupils’ lifetime academic success, and is an intrinsically important educational goal in its own right. Despite ongoing efforts from both the Government of Uganda and the international donor community, many children in Uganda still are not acquiring literacy skills at a satisfactory level. This project will evaluate an...

    5 Oct 2015 | Rebecca Thornton, Alfred Ongom, Victoria Brown, Jason Kerwin