Joshua Chipman

Joshua Chipman was formerly Country economist for IGC Tanzania. He holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford and a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the University of York. Prior to work in the IGC he was an ODI Fellow and Policy Analyst in the Prime Minister’s Office in Swaziland where he worked in a strategic planning, and monitoring and evaluation Unit with oversight responsibility for the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade, Ministry of Economics Planning and Development, and Ministry of Finance. He has also worked as a research assistance in a Child Protection NGO. His research interests include firm productivity, labour markets, and the state.

Content by Joshua Chipman
  • Blog post

    Can the MSME sector transform the Tanzanian economy?

    Although it’s true that the average MSMEs and informal firm is small and doesn’t grow, this doesn’t mean that MSMEs don’t have a key role to play in economic growth and structural transformation. Evidence suggests that a small number of high growth firms can have a growth and productivity impact. Policy needs to accommodate different types of MSMEs and target policy...

    23 Mar 2018 | Joshua Chipman

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Urban land governance in Dar es Salaam: Actors, processes and ownership documentation

    7 Feb 2018 | Stina Møldrup Wolff, Amelia Kuch, Joshua Chipman

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Report and comments on the IGC-SIDO impact evaluation scoping visit

    5 Feb 2018 | Joshua Chipman, Jed Silver

  • Project

    Urban land governance in Tanzania: Actors, processes, and local governance

    Dar es Salaam is the most populous city in East Africa and is projected to become a megacity with 10 million inhabitants by 2030. As the city expands demographically and geographically, the pertinence of understanding local government systems and urban land governance processes across the urban zone increases. This project seeks to address two knowledge gaps in the...

    9 May 2017 | Joshua Chipman, Stina Møldrup Wolff, Amelia Kuch

  • Project

    SIDO impact evaluation - scoping study

    In 2015-16 an IGC-funded project led by Prof. Margeret McMillan, on the contribution of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to the structural transformation of Tanzania found that MSMEs are contributing to structural transformation. However, it is only a small sub-set of all MSMEs which are contributing. This result highlights the importance of MSMEs to broader...

    9 Jan 2017 | Margaret McMillan, Joshua Chipman, Jed Silver

  • Blog post

    Livestock services: Agricultural technology & service delivery in rural Tanzania

    Privatised animal health and production services have left the majority of small-holder and subsistence farmers out in the cold. Without access to agricultural technology, productivity is constrained. To address this market failure, the Tanzanian government established a network of livestock officers to provide basic livestock services. Yet, public service delivery is...

    14 Mar 2016 | Joshua Chipman, Florian Blum