Julio S. Solís Arce

Julio S. Solís Arce is a pre-doctoral research fellow at the Institutions and Political Inequality research unit and the Experimenting With Causality bridging project, WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

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    Sierra Leone locked down early to contain COVID-19, but at a high price

    Sierra Leone locked down early and appears to have COVID-19 under control. But the country has paid a very high economic price, with the vast majority of people missing meals or eating less. Researchers warn that if the virus begins to spread again, these sacrifices may be hard to justify and replicate. In the fight against COVID-19, we are in the same storm but in...

    2 Nov 2020 | Julio S. Solís Arce, Macartan Humphreys, Niccoló Meriggi, Maarten Voors, Emilie Yam