Kagiso Tshukudu

Kagiso is an urban development practitioner with over 20 years’ experience. He has led and participated in numerous ground-breaking urban studies in Botswana, including recently, the country’s first national spatial plan.

Kagiso is a former Cities Research and Policy Officer at the IGC. He is very passionate about Urban Policy and sustainable urbanisation in his country Botswana and Sub-Saharan Africa generally. He is currently a scholar at the African Centre for Cities – University of Cape town, specialising in Urban Studies. He is the Vice President of Commonwealth Association of Planners representing Botswana, and is the President of Botswana’s Pula Institute of Town Planners.

Content by Kagiso Tshukudu
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    Working in a greener world: Tackling climate change and unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa

    In the run up to World Cities Day and COP26, we take stock of the current predicaments of sub-Saharan African cities vis-à-vis sustainable growth needs, and the role that climate-sensitive industrial policy, diversified local economies, efficient governance, and decentralisation can play in helping Africa grow without sidelining the urgent and important issue of climate...

    28 Oct 2021 | Kagiso Tshukudu