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  • Publication - Project Report

    Taxation and political participation in Sierra Leone

    25 Mar 2021 | Darin Christensen, Kevin Grieco

  • Publication - Project Report

    Electrifying growth in Sierra Leone: Energy access for productive use

    10 Mar 2021 | Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Kevin Grieco, Alex Gilchrist, Niccoló Meriggi, Maarten Voors

  • Blog post

    Reforming property tax valuation in Sierra Leone

    Across sub-Saharan Africa, ineffective property valuation presents a serious hurdle to strengthening local property taxes. Between January and August 2019, the International Growth Centre (IGC) co-piloted a simplified approach to property valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone, that combines both surface area and easily-observable characteristics to arrive at an estimate of...

    21 Feb 2020 | Kevin Grieco, Julian Michel, Derek Holliday

  • Project

    Brighter communities, safer cities

    Security provision is a fundamental service of the state. Personal and property security are necessary conditions for attracting local and foreign investment to drive economic growth. In Sierra Leone - where police lack the resources, capacity, and political legitimacy to provide community-level security - state and civil society actors combine to provide community...

    6 Dec 2019 | Daniel Posner, Kevin Grieco

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Simplifying property tax administration in Africa: Piloting a points-based valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone

    The current method of property valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone is highly inaccurate and generally regressive, as it does not take subjective property characteristics that are major determinants of value into account. The newly elected Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr made revenue mobilisation a central pillar of her ‘Transform Freetown’ agenda. As a means of...

    26 Nov 2019 | Kevin Grieco, Abou Bakarr Kamara, Niccoló Meriggi, Julian Michel, Wilson Prichard, Graeme Stewart-Wilson

  • Project

    Taxation and political participation in Sierra Leone

    This project seeks to understand concrete steps that can be taken to build state capacity and foster accountability in Sierra Leone. Prominent policy initiatives (e.g., “Oil to Cash”) have argued that direct taxation requires governments to build bureaucracies and to expend resources on their citizens’ needs; effective states need both the capacity to enforce taxes...

    10 Jul 2019 | Darin Christensen, Kevin Grieco