Laura Poswell

Laura Poswell is the Executive Director for J-PAL Africa at SALDRU at the University of Cape Town. Her role involves working with governments and NGOs in Africa to decipher policy lessons about what works and collaborating with researchers and policy makers to conduct randomized evaluations that address policy questions facing African decision-makers. Laura has an M.BusSc. from the University of Cape Town.

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    Election debates in Sierra Leone: Scoping for scale-up

    During Sierra Leone’s 2012 parliamentary elections, an IGC study found that on a constituency level, publicly-screened debates between rival political candidates had a significant impact on voter knowledge and behaviour, and in turn the subsequent performance of elected MPs. Encouraged by these findings, this project sought to find the best ways to scale up debates...

    25 Nov 2016 | Rachel Glennerster, Laura Poswell