Laura Sili

Laura is a former Events Officer in the Events, Media and Public Affairs team at ODI and has a background in journalism and PR, and more than 3 years’ experience in events and project management. In her free time, Laura runs a very small but growing NGO that addresses the issues of the Moldovan diaspora and aims to consolidate it.

She holds a master’s degree in Global Political Economy from City University of London and the topic of her dissertation focused on the political and media narratives of the Romanian migration to the UK.

Content by Laura Sili
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    Technology and the future of work in developing economies

    2018 has been a year for critical debates on the impact of emerging technology on jobs and the imminent threats and challenges of automation. Although the prospects of development and fast-approaching opportunities are advocated by many tech optimists, they have often been eclipsed by gloomier forecasts, such as “The robots are coming”, “Underestimating AI could be...

    20 Mar 2019 | Laura Sili

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    Time is now: Pressing for progress for all women and girls

    On International Women’s Day, the IGC hosted a high-level panel discussion on gender inequality and press coverage for girls and women. Laura Sili explores the themes touched upon at this event, and reflects on the global movement towards gender equality the world has witnessed in 2017. International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change...

    8 Mar 2018 | Laura Sili

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    The economic gender gap in the garment sector in Bangladesh and Ghana

    An oversupply of female entrepreneurs results in fewer opportunities for women. This is compounded by higher costs of changing jobs for women due to household responsibilities, and promotion rates being significantly lower for females than males. The gender gap and economic participation The findings of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) research on closing the gender gap...

    31 Jan 2018 | Laura Sili

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    Mobile money: Leaving no one behind in the digital age

    Kenya and Tanzania provide evidence on how technology holds promise for an inclusive, empowered and poverty-free future. Government support and improved financial literacy are found to be key drivers of financial inclusion in the developing world. Mobile money, one of the most popular innovations for development, is considered by many as a promising tool to open the door...

    3 Nov 2017 | Laura Sili