Manish Kumar Prasad

Manish Kumar Prasad completed an M.A. in Development Economics from South Asian University, New Delhi. His postgraduate research focused on the impact of sanitation and drinking water facilities on child mortality rates in India: a district level cross-sectional study. Prior to joining IGC, he was an analyst at Wadhwani Foundation (WF) where he prepared a report on the level of vocational training and employment in India using the unit level Employment-Unemployment Survey (EUS) data. He has also worked as a Consultant for UNICEF and National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), New Delhi. At NIPFP, he was involved in preparing a Governance Index at district level for Madhya Pradesh, in order to understand its impact on human development outcomes at district level.

Manish holds a first class honours degree in Economics from Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta.

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    Is GDP an adequate measure of development?

    An increasing GDP is often seen as a measure of welfare and economic success. However, it fails to account for the multi-dimensional nature of development or the inherent short-comings of capitalism, which tends to concentrate income and, thus, power. In this blog post, André Castro and Manish Prasad, make a case for using alternate measures of development such as the...

    17 Oct 2018 | Manish Kumar Prasad, André Castro