Marc Ayoub

Marc is a Project Coordinator and an Energy Policy researcher at the AUB Issam Fares Institute. His work in Lebanon revolves around influencing policy making through evidence-based research. Specifically, He advocated a national energy policy that utilizes renewables as a centrepiece of the energy mix rather than just a policy add-on. He’s been involved in producing energy mix scenarios, mapping of available public lands and conducting a techno-economic assessment of renewable energy projects, including that of a 300MW of a solar PV power plant in the Tfail region, which has shown great potential and is currently being considered for development with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

His research also tackles subjects at the interface of water and energy sectors, focusing on energy efficiency measures in Water and Wastewater Services in Lebanon.

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    Beirut blast: Restoring power is important, as is trust

    The blast in Beirut has exposed Lebanon’s corrupt energy sector and therefore should be the starting point for a wholesale reform of a crippled political system to rebuild trust and ease rising public agitation. It did not take too long after the deadly Beirut port explosion, which devastated the city’s most vibrant neighbourhood and transformed the lives of thousands...

    7 Oct 2020 | Ali Ahmad , Muzna Al-Masri , Neil McCulloch, Marc Ayoub