Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

Marco Gonzalez-Navarro is assistant professor of economics at University of Toronto and a J-PAL affiliate. He obtained his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University and his B.A. from ITAM. Before taking up his position in Toronto, he did a post-doctorate at the University of California-Berkeley. His research interests are in Development Economics, and his work has focused on retail globalization, infrastructure, crime, health and land titling.

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    Do subways improve urban air quality?

    Data from around the world show that a new subway system can improve air quality in highly polluted cities Air pollution is a major threat to human health and the climate. According to the World Health Organization, 90% of the world’s population is exposed to harmful pollution levels and about seven million people die prematurely each year as a result (WHO 2020)....

    21 Feb 2022 | Matthew Turner, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, Stefano Polloni, Nicolas Gendron-Carrier

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Subways and urban air pollution

    15 Aug 2017 | Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, Matthew Turner

  • Project

    Subways and urban air pollution

    Urbanisation will be an important part of the development process for most low income countries, and demands for urban infrastructure construction will outpace the ability of policy makers to provide it. Given this, it is critical to develop an empirical basis for prioritising construction projects. What should policymakers do first? Build highways, subways, water treatment...

    25 Feb 2016 | Matthew Turner, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

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    Retail globalisation and household welfare: Evidence from Mexico

    A “supermarket revolution”, fuelled by foreign retail entry has transformed the Mexican retail landscape. Despite concerns that foreign retailers would adversely affect retail employment and household incomes, the empirical evidence suggests that liberalising retail FDI has generated widespread gains for Mexican households. A radical transformation is occurring in the...

    10 Feb 2016 | David Atkin, Benjamin Faber, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro