Maria Ana Lugo

Maria Ana works at the office of the Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, the World Bank on issues of economic mobility, inequality of opportunities and inequality and poverty measurement. She is also working on poverty dynamics in Brazil, and economic mobility in Russia and low-income Eastern European and Central Asian countries. She holds a PhD in Economics from Oxford University

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    Measuring growth and poverty in Tanzania

    Tanzania is not on track to meet its Millennium Development Goals target despite a growth record that – as reported – is impressive. Real GDP growth reached historically high levels between 2000-2006, yet this is set against only the slightest reduction in the poverty rate – from 35.7% in 2001 down to 33.4% in 2007. Indeed, ‘few adult Tanzanians think they are...

    7 Jan 2014 | Anthony Atkinson, Maria Ana Lugo