Maria Sviatschi

Maria is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at Princeton University and a former Economics of Conflict Fellow with Princeton University and the International Crisis Group (2017-2018). She is an affiliate at the African School of Economics and the International Crisis Group. Her research interests are labor and development economics, with a focus on human capital, gender-violence and crime.

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  • Project

    Gender-based violence and police reform: Evaluating a gender-based violence and sensitisation training programme

    The project aims to study the role of policing quality in addressing gender-based violence (GBV). The goal is to assess and showcase the efficacy of a novel policing intervention programme in the Indian state of Bihar, which aims to shape police attitudes towards gender and performance towards GBV crimes. The intervention will provide GBV and gender-sensitisation training...

    12 Nov 2020 | Nathan Fiala, Girija Borker, Nishith Prakash, Sofia Amaral, Maria Sviatschi, Ranjit Mishra