Maria Zubair

Maria obtained her PhD in Sociology from the University of Reading, which focussed on second-generation Pakistani Muslims’ varied constructions and negotiations of ethnicity, religion, identity, integration and belonging within the context of experiencing British higher education. Following her PhD, Maria has worked in an ESRC-funded New Dynamics of Ageing study exploring meanings, perceptions and experiences of family, caring and ageing among South Asians growing older in Britain (University of Reading and Brunel University) and in an NIHR-funded research project investigating the explanatory models for memory problems and dementia within South Asian communities in Britain (University of Manchester). Maria joined the University of Nottingham as a Research Fellow in 2013.

Maria’s research interests fall broadly within the areas of social identities, diversities and inequalities, with a particular focus on: race and ethnicity; religion; gender; ageing; intersectionality, negotiation and performativity of social identities; social and familial relationships and support networks; and use of research methodologies with minority populations.

Content by Maria Zubair