Massimiliano Santini

Massimiliano Santini is an economist with the World Bank. He has 15+ years of development experience in private sector development, investment climate, and country competitiveness. Massi has worked in 20+ countries, including Colombia, Nicaragua, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Tanzania, Benin and, most recently, India and Bhutan.

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    Enhancing the benefits of formalisation under a new status in Benin

    Providing information and assistance to informal firms increases formalisation, but the cost of the intervention is likely prohibitively high Existing evidence suggests that easing entry regulations and providing information on the formalisation process has had only a very limited impact on the formalisation of existing informal firms, especially with regards to tax...

    26 Sep 2017 | Najy Benhassine, David McKenzie, Victor Pouliquen, Massimiliano Santini