Menno Jan van der Ven

Menno is an international economist. He worked as a Fellow of the Overseas Development Institute at the Debt Directorate of the Ugandan Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) and at the Financial Stability Department of the South African Reserve Bank. He holds an MSC in Economic Policy from University College London and a BSC in Liberal Arts & Sciences from University College Maastricht. Before, Menno worked at the De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch central bank) as a financial stability expert and as an advisor of the President on developments at the International Monetary Fund and the Group of Twenty. He is interested in topics related to public debt sustainability and sovereign risk.

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  • Publication - Project Report

    Uganda's energy sector: A fiscal risk

    This paper explores the fiscal risk posed by the electricity sector in Uganda. While it will highlight a number of relevant effects, it is not primarily focused on the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on the energy sector’s performance. Firstly, Uganda’s economic development over the past two decades and the government’s current debt position are introduced....

    25 Feb 2021 | Menno Jan van der Ven

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    Uganda’s energy sector: A fiscal risk

    Uganda is a low-income country -- with middle-income ambitions -- that has made the energy sector a cornerstone of its development policy. The country allocates a large share of its public resources on providing a reliably supply of electricity to new businesses and to its citizens. Uganda has used debt to finance hydropower dams, transmission lines, and other large...

    4 Dec 2020 | Menno Jan van der Ven