Michelle Baddeley

Michelle Baddeley is Research Professor at the University of South Australia’s Institute for Choice and Honorary Professor at University College London’s Institute for Global Prosperity. Her research is in the fields of behavioural economics, neuroeconomics, development economics and macroeconomics on topics including financial decision-making, housing, infrastructure, labour economics, refugees and migration, energy and the environment, and cyber-security. She uses a diverse range of data and empirical tools – including in multi-disciplinary analyses of socio-psychological influences on economic decision-making.

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    Electricity crises in Zambia: Estimating the costs of unreliability at firm level

    As Zambia seeks to diversify its economy via growth in the manufacturing sector, rising demand for electricity from manufacturing firms is likely to impose additional constraints on the efficiency and sustainability of Zambia’s energy infrastructure. As a palliative measure, the Zambian government recently announced her decision to waive import duties on backup...

    19 Oct 2016 | D'Maris Coffman, Jim Meikle, Imad Ahmed, Graham Sianjase, Michelle Baddeley, Musiliu Oseni