Michelle Tejada

Michelle holds an MPA in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School, and a Masters in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University. She has experience on different macroeconomic topics, public financial management, and governance, acquired mainly while working at the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Ministry of Economics of the Dominican Republic. She has done significant quantitative work in the area of macroeconomics and collaborated with the design of country reports and context-specific policies in accordance with countries’ economic conditions. Her main research interests are macroeconomic policy, international finance, political economy, and econometric.

Content by Michelle Tejada
  • Publication - Evidence Paper

    IGC Evidence Paper - State

    In a sizable number of developing countries, the public sector fails to provide many, if not most, critical public goods necessary for economic development. The presence of a well-functioning state is key to encouraging economic growth. Part of this concerns having a public sector that has the capacity to raise revenues and spend them effectively; and that policymakers...

    2 Sep 2014 | Oriana Bandiera, Henrik Kleven, Eliana La Ferrara, Gerard PadrĂ³ i Miquel, Michelle Tejada, Michel Azulai, Florian Blum