Min Zar Ni Lin

Min Zar Ni is Deputy Director of Research, Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD). He was formerly a Senior Technical and Policy Analyst at Myanmar EITI Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) National Coordination Office, which was designated by the Myanmar President office, to facilitate a collaborative process with government, private sector and civil society to promote transparency and accountability in the extractive sector of Myanmar.

Content by Min Zar Ni Lin
  • Publication - Working Paper

    Industrial relations and workplace communication in Myanmar garment sector

    16 Apr 2019 | Min Zar Ni Lin, Mari Tanaka, Virginia Minni, Hanh Nguyen, Khin Suu Thet, Rocco Macchiavello

  • Project

    Artisanal jade mining in Myanmar

    Myanmar is the largest producer of jade in the world, accounting for 95% of global supply. In 2014, one report estimated annual jade production at $31bn - almost half of Myanmar’s GDP in that year - making it by far the country’s most valuable commodity. Yet little is known about the sector and most of its value evades official records and taxation processes. Despite...

    28 Jul 2017 | Win Min, Min Zar Ni Lin, Marjanneke Vijge