Mohammad Yunus

Dr. Mohammad Yunus obtained his M.S.S. in Economics from University of Chittagong, Bangladesh in 1990, M.Sc. at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK in 1997 and M.Phil. from the same University in 1998. He was awarded Ph.D. in 2006 by the Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, for his thesis on Essays on Optimal Mix of Taxes, Persistence and Spatiality under Tax Evasion. He joined the BIDS in 1992 as a Research Associate and was promoted to Research Fellow in 2000. His current research interests include taxation, state and local government fiscal policies, fiscal decentralisation, food security and poverty alleviation, exchange rate issues, tobacco consumption and knowledge about its health hazards, applied econometrics (time-series and panel data). He has published extensively in both nationally and internationally accredited journals. He has also to his credit numerous other publications in the form of research reports, and contribution to various other edited volumes.   

Content by Mohammad Yunus
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    An Evaluation of the Bangladesh Tax System (Policy Brief)

    1 Nov 2011 | Ahsan H. Mansur, Mohammad Yunus, Biplob Kumar Nandi

  • Project

    An Evaluation of the Bangladesh Tax System

    This study assesses the tax system of Bangladesh in terms of revenue mobilization (tax efficiency), incidence across income groups, and allocative efficiency against best international practices in tax policy and administration and taxpayer’s relations. The authors also examine the scope for further reforms that authorities may consider in order to enhance buoyancy in...

    1 Dec 2010 | Ahsan H. Mansur, Mohammad Yunus, Biplob Kumar Nandi