Mujobu Moyo

Mujobu Moyo is an IDRC research fellow at the Center for Global Development. Her research focuses on how to manage natural resource windfalls in developing countries. Prior to joining, she worked as an economist at the World Bank in Washington and the International Growth Centre in Tanzania. As Tanzania’s Country Economist with the International Growth Centre (IGC), Mujobu’s role was to promote demand-driven research and bridge the gap between policy makers and researchers. Her work in Tanzania fed into the government’s recently launched 2025 development plan. She has also led numerous large-scale data collection activities over the past 9 years, including long-run tracking panel surveys and surveys conducted electronically on handheld devices. She has been a key player in the analysis and dissemination of results of these surveys.

Content by Mujobu Moyo
  • Blog post

    The political paradox of cash transfers

    Impact evaluations show cash transfers are effective. But polls show Tanzanians would rather have government services. This is the second post in a three-part blog series on political transparency of natural resource management.  Cash transfers are all the rage among international development experts, and for good reason. In Tanzania, which is our focus...

    25 Aug 2016 | Justin Sandefur, Nancy Birdsall, Mujobu Moyo

  • Blog post

    Can deliberative democracy cure Tanzania's resource curse?

    Experts worry letting ordinary citizens manage resource windfalls will lead to populism. We ran a randomised trial in deliberative democracy in Tanzania to find out. This is the first post in a three-part blog series on political transparency of natural resource management and has a related podcast.  Are low-income democracies doomed to squander their natural...

    24 Aug 2016 | Justin Sandefur, Mujobu Moyo, Nancy Birdsall

  • Project

    The Natural Gas Development in Tanzania: Potential Impact and Consequences

    This paper presents two ways to think about the connection between natural gas and human development. The paper first reviews current gas production and the opportunities for increased domestic gas consumption from shallow-water or onshore gas production, before focusing on the potential from larger-scale, higher cost, deep-water gas.

    1 Apr 2012 | Mujobu Moyo, Arun Jacob, Francois-Xavier de Mevius

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Attaining Middle Income Status - Tanzania: Growth and Structural Transformation Required to Reach Middle Income Status by 2025 (Working Paper)

    31 Mar 2010 | Mujobu Moyo, Rebecca Simson, Arun Jacob, Francois-Xavier de Mevius