Nasir Javed

Dr. Nasir Javed is Director/CEO of the Urban Unit, a Project Management Unit of the Planning and Development Department under the Government of Punjab, Pakistan. He is a senior civil servant with wide administrative experience in various Government departments and a seasoned institutional and capacity development specialist.

He has provided consultancy services to various National and International organizations including ADB, UNICEF, UNDP, WWF, LEAD Pakistan and USAID. He designed and established the Urban Sector Policy & Management Unit in the Government of Punjab in 2005 and is the founding chief editor of ‘Pakistan Journal of Urban Affairs’.

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    Good governance through spatial evidence-based planning

    Without a guiding framework, public spending in Balochistan, Pakistan remains ad-hoc and weakly aligned with the development needs of the province. The province could benefit from a spatial approach that links investments in its future development with present spatial realities. The government of Balochistan is working towards developing such a spatial strategy and –...

    17 Aug 2022 | Nasir Javed

  • Project

    Responsive policymaking in Pakistan: Decision-making around infrastructure in Balochistan

    IGC Pakistan is supporting the Government of Balochistan (GoB) in developing the contours of a spatial strategy to guide the province's budgetary allocations and development priorities while reflecting Balochistan’s needs and strengths. A previous IGC study has helped set the context for a new framework for growth in Balochistan based on a spatial and data-driven approach...

    11 Jun 2021 | Nasir Javed

  • Publication - Project Report

    A framework for development of Balochistan spatial strategy

    The development and use of Balochistan Spatial Strategy to support economic growth and investment decisions is a key priority for the Government of Balochistan. To this end, various multilateral institutions such as the World Bank or the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) could be approached to provide technical and financial support for the development of the...

    9 Mar 2021 | Nasir Javed, Fizzah Sajjad, Hasaan Khawar, Ijaz Nabi

  • Project

    Defining the contours of a spatial strategy for Balochistan

    Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest province by area and the least inhabited in terms of population. It is endowed with abundant natural resources (such as coal, copper, and gold) and is the largest supplier of natural gas. Two-thirds of the country’s coastline is also along its southern border. It sits at the intersection of key regional trade routes and corridors and...

    10 Mar 2020 | Nasir Javed, Fizzah Sajjad, Hasaan Khawar, Ijaz Nabi