Nathaniel Young

Nathaniel Young is a Principal Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. Nathaniel holds a PhD in Economics from Boston University.  His research interests lie at the intersection of development economics and industrial organisation.  Nathaniel is particularly interested in the mechanisms by which financial access promotes development, as well as the effect of regulation and competition on industrial growth.

Content by Nathaniel Young
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Economic impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns: An examination of recoveries in Jordan

    The unemployed share of the adult population in Jordan increased from 7% to 16% during the lockdown that lasted from 18th March to 15th April 2020. The unemployment share improved to 11% by September 2020, falling short of the pre-lockdown level. Wage earnings decreased by 42% of pre-pandemic baseline levels on average during lockdown. These partially recovered after...

    4 Dec 2020 | Luisa Cefalà, Michael Gechter, Nick Tsivanidis, Nathaniel Young