Nikhil Naik

Nikhil Naik is a Ph.D student at the MIT Media Lab. He works on computer vision and computational imaging. My recent work has focused on undertanding cities using computer vision. He has also worked on applications of time-of-flight and 3D imaging.

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    Evidence to inform the JKN health insurance programme: Analysis and collection of GIS data

    Advances in computer vision have made it possible to train predictive algorithms on both structured and unstructured features of image data sets. With good predictive algorithms and robust image data, we can hope to extrapolate even relatively small samples of income or survey data over large areas.  In recent work, we have used Google Street View imagery to develop...

    27 Oct 2016 | Benjamin Olken, Edward Glaeser, Rema Hanna, Nikhil Naik, Scott Kominers