Nils Enevoldsen

Nils Enevoldsen is a research fellow on Rohini Pande’s governance projects, including the Delhi Voter Project. He previously volunteered with the Seattle-based Global Technology Academy to install computer labs for underserved communities around the world. He has a BS in Economics from the University of Washington.

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    Not by growth alone: The salience of redistribution in poverty eradication

    Recent studies posit that the per capita incomes of developing countries are at last on track to catch up to those of industrialised countries as policies and institutions in these countries are converging to those of the rich world. In this post, Enevoldsen and Pande contend that this country-level catch-up will not be sufficient to eradicate extreme poverty, as the...

    18 Oct 2021 | Rohini Pande, Nils Enevoldsen