Oliver Kim

Oliver Kim is a PhD student in Economics at UC Berkeley. He graduated from Harvard College in 2016, and worked at the New York Fed from 2016-18.

His research interests are in development, international economics, and economic history. His work focuses on the processes of industrialisation and structural transformation as means for alleviating extreme poverty. His current research includes contemporary fieldwork in Kenya and historical work on the rise of the East Asian Tigers.

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    Money or power? Choosing COVID-19 aid in Kenya

    Participants in an experiment comparing demand for cash transfers and electricity subsidies in urban Kenya, overwhelmingly prefer cash given the proliferation of mobile money via platforms like M-PESA and preference for short-term liquidity. Conversely, in rural Kenya, slightly more respondents opted for electricity token transfers given that they face saving constraints...

    25 May 2021 | Edward Miguel, Kenneth Lee, Oliver Kim, Eric Hsu, Susanna Berkouwer